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Two options to prevent electrical pitting damage


  Electrical pitting often occurs in bearings used in electrical equipment, such as motors and power generators,
as a result of current leakage. An electrical current present near a bearing can flow to the inside of the bearing, 
causing sparks that damage the rolling contact surface, ultimately leading to bearing failure. This electrical pitting
and can be prevented with
Ceramic Coated Bearings or Ceramic Hybrid Bearings.

Ceramic Coated Bearings, which is also known as Insulated Bearings, has been specifically designed to counteract
electrical pitting and are suited to a variety of applications. Coating on the inner ring or outer ring provides a barrier
(capable of resisting at least 1000 VDC) against any stray currents that would pass through the bearing. This kinds of
bearings are featured as OEM equipment on wind turbine generators, traction motors for railway cars, and variable
speed electric motors.

Ceramic Hybrid Bearings. using conventional steel inner and outer rings, ZrO2 or Si3N4 rolling elements, provide
excellent electrical insulation while reducing rotating mass and improving heat dissipation. The unique properties of
ceramic rolling elements can also extend service life and extend grease intervals.